7 Reasons To Visit Cabo San Lucas

Located at the southern end of the Baja California Peninsula in Mexico, Cabo San Lucas ranks as one of the best tourist destinations not only in Mexico but also in the world. Besides being one of the oldest and continuously inhabited parts of the world, this city has plenty to offer both local and international tourists. Here are some of the 7 Reasons To Visit Cabo San Lucas:


Cabo is an ideal location for anyone planning to holiday in a hot and sunny location. In fact, the sun shines almost all year round, which means you would not necessarily have to worry about gloomy weather when you visit Cabo San Lucas. The average annual temperature is 78 F. Temperatures during the high tourist season, which runs from October to April, range between 60 F to 91 F. During the low season spanning May to September, temperatures range from 65 F to 95 F. Most of this area’s annual rainfall occurs around September and October.

In general, Cabo San Lucas logs more than 300 days of sunshine. The average water temperature hovers around the 72 F mark, but it can go as high as the mid-’80s during the summer. In addition, Cabo San Lucas is not prone to hurricanes or tropical storms that ravage many holiday spots in the Caribbean. A majority of such storms pass miles to the south of Cabo. Overall, there are only a few other holiday locations that can boast of such holiday-friendly weather.

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You can travel to Cabo San Lucas from the US either by road or by sea. Ocean cruises allow visitors to get into the holiday mood before they check into their hotels or resorts. Alternatively, you can travel to Cabo San Lucas by road. If you opt to drive, you may come across several army checkpoints. However, the military personnel at these checkpoints is polite and friendly. Their main job is to inspect vehicles for guns and drugs.

If you plan to travel to Cabo San Lucas by road, you should obtain Mexican auto insurance because US or Canadian coverage is not valid in Mexico. Additionally, it is worth noting that roads in Mexico tend to be narrower in comparison to roads in the US or Canada. For this reason, you should drive carefully and be on the lookout for animals, such as cattle, crossing roads.

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Although Mexico is often in the news for all the wrong reasons (drugs and gang violence), you should not be afraid to visit Cabo San Lucas because the city has never experienced the kind of drug-related violence prevalent in other parts of Mexico. In the case of potential security threats, the US releases travel warnings and advisories. Still, when you travel to Cabo San Lucas you should use common sense and take measures to protect yourself, your travel companions, and belongings.

White Sandy Beaches

The city has miles of white sandy beaches that attract millions of sunbathers every year. One of the most popular beaches in this city is Medano Beach, which is home to the world-famous Mango Deck party spot. Hotels, restaurants, and resorts have sprung up all along this beach to accommodate and provide delicacies to visitors.
For the romantic at heart, Playa del Amor or Lover’s Beach is a popular spot thanks to spectacular caves, rock formations, and clear tropical waters. Playa del Amor is also a popular snorkeling location where visitors can view colorful tropical fish species that have thrived in the marine sanctuary here.

Solmar Beach is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking beaches you will come across while on a trip to Cabo San Lucas. This has made it a popular destination for visitors where they undertake activities like jogging, walking, swimming, or simply lazing on the sandy beaches. Like the other beaches above, Solmar Beach does not allow any form of motorized vehicles.

Other beaches worth visiting when you travel to Cabo San Lucas include Playa Acapulquito, Playa Chileno, Playa Palmilla, Costa Azul Beach, and Bahia Santa Maria. Rental gear is available for various water-based activities including snorkeling and scuba diving. Remember to pack and apply sunscreen lotion when outdoors. Be careful and never swim alone because beaches in Cabo San Lucas do not have lifeguards.

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Cabo San Lucas has accommodation facilities that cater to all categories of visitors. These facilities range from five-star villas and resorts to budget hotels. Many of these facilities offer a wide range of holiday packages covering all manner of holiday plans such as romantic getaways, family vacations, beach weddings, proposals, and adult-only retreats.

Moreover, visitors can rent long-term accommodation or time-shares. It is possible to buy real estate properties if you plan to visit Cabo San Lucas regularly in the future. Cabo has hundreds of holiday villas, more than 40 resorts, and numerous budget hotels and lodgings.


Vibrant Nightlife

A trip to Cabo San Lucas would be incomplete without experiencing the city’s night-life. This is because, when night falls, Cabo San Lucas springs to life as both visitors and locals stream to bars, nightclubs, and “spring break” type parties. There is even a hookah lounge, Fumari, where visitors can smoke flavored tobacco. Some of the spots where you can while away the night include Squid Roe, B Lounge, Cabo Wabo, Mango Deck, Passion Club, Giggling Marlin, Nowhere Bar, Jungle Bar, and Elbow Room. Moving from one entertainment location to another is typically easy, thanks to the many taxis that patrol Cabo San Lucas at night.

Mouthwatering Cuisine

A trip to Cabo San Lucas would not be complete without sampling the many delicacies on offer. The local cuisine includes delights such as Chocolate Clams, fish tacos, smoked marlin, chicken tamales fajados, tamales de guemes, and lobster sautéed with local sauces and veggies. Furthermore, most restaurants, resorts, and hotels serve delights from other parts of the world such as Mediterranean, American, and European cuisine. After eating, try local drinks like Damiana or Clamato liquor. Damiana is made by Guaycura Indians for ceremonial purposes and is popular with tourists. According to local legend, Damiana liquor is an aphrodisiac.

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When planning your next holiday outing, consider a trip to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. It is home to breathtaking and beautiful beaches, accommodation facilities for all visitor categories, tasty local and international delicacies, almost all-year sunny weather, and secure surroundings. Those are just a few of the reasons why you should visit Cabo San Lucas.

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