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Located at the southernmost tip of the Baja California Peninsula in Mexico is San Jose del Cabo, a conventional Mexican town, and Cabo San Lucas, a modern tourist destination where you can stay in resorts, hotels, or timeshares, dine in some of the best restaurants in Los Cabos, enjoy the sand and surf, and have a truly amazing holiday experience with your family. Read ahead for information on some of the best restaurants in Cabo San Lucas offering great dining in Cabo experience.

Arts and Sushi

Do you think that fresh seafood is the best food in the world? If so, you will agree that fresh sushi is probably the closest you will come to experiencing food and art at the same time. Not surprisingly, this restaurant named Arts and Sushi is considered one of the best places to eat in Cabo San Lucas. A marina view, an exotic range of sushi and seafood dishes, a well-trained staff eager to offer good dining in Cabo experience, and acceptance of the Passport card makes this one of the most popular restaurants in Cabo San Lucas.

Invita Bistro

If you are searching for Italian restaurants in Los Cabos, the Invita Bistro is probably one of the best places to eat in Cabo San Lucas. The first thing you will notice is the friendly and courteous staff and the stylish ambiance. You can gorge on pasta mixed in delicious sauces and enjoy the flavors of a wide range of Italian dishes created with fresh ingredients and vegetables. Dining in Cabo is never complete without enjoying a drink, and the Invita Bistro has an impressive bouquet of wines that will complement the Italian repast.

Mango Deck

Why should you stop partying just because you are dining in Cabo? At Mango Deck, the party never ends, making it one of the best places for dining in Cabo. You can opt for conventional seating or enjoy your meals right on the beach. Which is the best spot for dining in Cabo if you don’t have a lot of time in hand and yet wish to enjoy the beach, sand, surf, and crowds? Well, you now know which place in Los Cabos offers the twin delights of good food and great partying.

Los Barriles

Some of the best restaurants in Cabo San Lucas specialize in seafood. Be prepared to be spoilt for choices if you are a seafood lover asking where to eat in Cabo. Live music, a mellow atmosphere, and a wide range of fresh seafood dishes make the Los Barriles a must-visit spot for a seafood lover keen on searching for an authentic seafood dining in Cabo experience.

Casa Don Rodrigo

Need to know where to eat in Cabo when hungry for some history and tradition? Nothing can be more fun than stumbling across a restaurant situated in a 120-year old structure managed by a fourth-generation family specializing in making cheese. An exotic name matched by a long history and quality service, D’vur, one of the best restaurants in Los Cabos, is a great place to enjoy Cuban music, international cuisine, and the quaint and undeniable charm of traditional Mexico.

Don’t make the mistake of presuming that the best places to eat in Cabo San Lucas require a big holiday budget. Instead, find out where to eat in Cabo even when holidaying on a tight budget. Dining at the best restaurants in Cabo San Lucas will be a lot easier with out-of-the-box ideas like Los Cabo passports, discount coupons, and similar options to save money without having to choose ordinary restaurants in Los Cabos.


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