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Carretera Cabo San Lucas ­ La Paz km 99.5. Ejido Migriño

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+52 +52 624 114-3594
+52 +52 624 108-9174

Life is an accumulation of experiences. Create experiences full of adventure and action, in which you see the beautiful scenary of Baja California, it will fill you with satisfaction. They know that customer service is essential, always being honest with the customer, and helping you to make of your off road experience something memorable. Cabo Dune Buggy is primarily a family business, emerges as the project of a family trying to build a unique tour in Los Cabos. Since 2015 the best off road experience. Each of them is involved in the company in which they put their heart into it, because it is their quality as people, parents, sons, brothers and sisters. Have fun and discover the other Cabo driving an authentic dune buggy. Hop on your Fully Automatic Buggy for the safest off road fun ride you have ever experienced. Explore Cabo San Lucas magical transition from desert to ocean as you travel through mountains and canyons at Migriño sandy river bed making you way to Half Moon canyon and Tree Rock. Step on the gas, enjoy a thrilling ride until you reach the river´s delta where the desert merges with Pacific Ocean before you make your way back to the starting point. They have taken improved health, hygiene and safety measures for all their guests, always committed to their safety and well-being, they are now facing a new way of taking care of everyone. The security measures that they implement are and will always be appropiate to the situation, at the same time they want to ensure that the fun and nice experience of their off road activity continue to be a priority.