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Playa Migrino
Camino de Los Charros
Cabo San Lucas, BCS.

Phone Number

+52 624 146-4650

Anyone can take a tour in an off-road vehicle, but not everyone dares to take a tour in the most powerful all-terrain vehicle on the market. Do not hesitate and dare to handle this magnificent beast! These are the characteristics of this Maverick RC/ RS vehicle: 195 HP turbo charged triple cylinder engine, 72-in wide, dynamic power steering, 16-in groung clearance, 32-in tires, and 4 points harness safety belts. This vehicle can only hold up to 2 people. There is important information you need to know prior booking this activity such as weigh limit, minimum height required, restrictions, inclusions, etc. Therefore, we recommend contacting their reservations agents first in order to know more details, information and their availability. Cactus tours company has been sharing smiles with over 2 million happy customers. Their staff is part of their family and they are really thankful to them for being very loyal, dedicated and always deliver the best of them. Cactus will exceed your expectations by providing you a unique experience in the world of off-road vehicles tours, getting out the daily routine and taking the fun while outdoors, meanwhile you know more about the benefits of the place, making this way that their tours are suitable for all public of hand of a company of young people, responsible and dedicated to that its visitorshave the best experience of their lives. Come and feel the positive energy of their talented staff and their Maverick RC/ RS tour, you will definitely have a blast!