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Where is the Animal Sanctuary in Los Cabos?

Wild Canyon’s Kingdom is located at Wild Canyon’s theme park, about 20 minutes from Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo in the El Tule canyon. If you visit this amazing park, you will obtain free round-trip transportation to your hotel.

What to expect?

You will spend a full day interacting with exotic species from around the world. All of the animals that call this place home have been rescued from places where they were mistreated; they lacked the proper facilities and care or are part of conservation programs. These animals have been under human care for a long time, and most of them are no longer apt for reintroduction to the wild, although there had been some exceptions.

You will be able to learn from biologists about iguanas, love-birds, macaws, crocodiles, turtles, and many more animal friends. Here, you can pet, feed, and create an unforgettable bond with all the creatures that live here, all while learning about each one of them.

Animal Care Committee

The animal care committee is made up of a group of professional guides, trainers, and biologists responsible for the care and welfare of all non-human friends in this place. This program includes supervising each one’s health, diet, and recreational activities under their caregiving them a quality of life that exceeds all wild environments. Education is another important aspect of the committee. Through interaction with these animals, they create a place for people to learn to respect and care for animals and their ecosystems to reduce our ecological footprint.

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