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Where can I go biking in Los Cabos?

Cabo Adventures is one of Los Cabos’ most popular tour operators and definitively the best option if you want to go on a guided biking tour. They offer two types of adventures, the Electric Bike Beach Adventure and the Mountain Bike Adventure. They will include the bikes, helmets, and all the gear you need to enjoy a fun and safe ride on both tours.

Electric Bike Beach Adventure

These easy-to-use electric bikes are specialized with wide wheels that handle well through both sandy and bumpy mountain trails. Riding an electric bike is probably something you’ve never experienced before, but you will love it. With an electric motor, the bike does all the work for you! Should you decide to do some pedaling of your own, you’ll be happy to know that their electric bikes are equipped with specialized wide wheels that make it easy to traverse sandy and bumpy terrain.

Cactus lined sandy trails, hilly terrain, and a beautiful, soft-sand beach beside the glistening Pacific are all part of the picturesque route on our Electric Bike Beach Adventure. This unique Electric Bike tour in Cabo includes a visit to Cabo Adventure’s EcoFarm, a series of interactive experiences surrounding sustainability and conservation. You will enjoy an hour of fun educational workshops at their EcoFarm.

Mountain Bike Adventure

Mountain biking in the Baja Peninsula is something that most people are dreaming of. While some adventurers take this trek and make it an epic weeks-long camping excursion, we know most people want to taste the thrill and go back to your comfy hotel by the end of the day. In this tour, Cabo Adventures takes you to the very best spots for a half-day mountain bike adventure that’s great for both seasoned cyclists and those new to mountain biking.

Their expert guides will lead you over sliding, sandy trails and up and down rolling hills in this one of a kind eco-adventure tour of the Mexican outback. Even better, your ride through this fascinating desert landscape will include an up-close look at the plants and wildlife that flourish in this seemingly harsh environment.

On this tour, you will also get the opportunity to visit their EcoFarm.

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