Los Cabos Airport

Los Cabos airport is located at San Jose del Cabo in the Sea of Cortez side of the peninsula. The city of Cabo San Lucas is a popular tourist destination in Mexico. Cabo San Lucas is Spanish for Cape Saint Luke, but most people do not use the full name of the city. Many people only call the city of Cabo. This city has a tropical desert climate and the time zone is Mountain Standard Time (GMT -7).

From small settlement to the tourist hub
According to archeological evidence, human beings lived in the Cabo area about ten thousand years ago. The original inhabitants of the place were the Pericú people, and they lived in small settlements across the land. The growth of Los Cabos can be traced to the establishment of an American fishing company in 1917. The construction of the Los Cabos Airport transformed the city into an international tourist destination.

History of the airport
The airport in Cabo San Lucas is also called the Los Cabos Airport; it’s located northwest of Cabo San Lucas in the state of Baja California Sur, Mexico. The Cabo San Lucas Airport code is SJD. This airport has four terminals and operates domestic and international flights.

The man behind the construction of the airport in Cabo was the Mexican architect, Manuel de Santiago Bravo. He was related to Spanish royalty and was keen on developing Los Cabos. He came up with the idea of this airport a long time ago and today, the Los Cabos airport is one of the busiest in all of Mexico.

Facilities in and around the airport
The San Jose del Cabo airport is connected to Cabo by a major highway. It is just 18 miles to Cabo San Lucas. You can easily drive to hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and other places near the airport in San Jose too. For people who want to stay very close to the airport, San Jose del Cabo airport has some excellent hotels. These are the Mayan Palace, the Pueblo Bonito, the Playa Grande and the Best Western Aeropuerto. The airport also has some restaurants and fast food joints. Some of these eateries are the Bar Corona, the Burger King, Medas, and Sbarro. Other popular eateries in this airport are Domino Pizza, Boston Hot Dogs, and Starbucks. There is also the Corner Bar, Subway, and Yogurlisios Frozen Yogurt. These places offer excellent meals, snacks, and desserts for people who love good food.

Transportation in the Los Cabos airport
Moving around in Los Cabos is not a problem because you have many options. Ruta del Desierto, Cabo Airport Shuttle, and Los Cabos Express offer excellent public transport service. Brown’s provide excellent private transportation services to take you around within the city.

Security in Los Cabos area
Los Cabos is a very safe place. Travelers to this area do not run any risk because the crime rate is low, and the natives are friendly and accommodating. Law enforcement officers in Los Cabos also work hard to ensure that visitors are protected in and around the airport in Cabo San Lucas.

Dos and don’ts in Los Cabos Airport
Travelers to this city are advised to verify from their agent what is permitted and what is prohibited here. Some of the things you cannot take to the airport are narcotic drugs and weapons. There is also a limit on how much foreign currency you are allowed to bring into Mexico.

Enjoy San Jose del Cabo Airport
Once you are done with the customs and immigration stuff at the San Jose del Cabo Airport, you can look forward to a great time here. You can swim, hike, take long walks or simply laze around on the beach. Visit Los Cabos and you will enjoy the wonders of this great tourist destination.

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