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Los Cabos Airport Shuttle Reviews

Chasing down taxi drivers with unlisted pricing or renting a car to find out that the insurance coverage was not declared beforehand when making your reservation and having to pay extra hidden fees. If you relate to these stories or know people who lived through it, you know that thinking about getting from the airport to your hotel and moving around the city is a headache. Airport shuttles are a great option; listed public pricing without hidden fees and guaranteed availability is crucial when planning a vacation. Los Cabos airport shuttle reviews on many websites show these services’ trust and safety; even though many people think it may be expensive, it is not.

When you obtain a Los Cabos Passport card, you get a year of unlimited savings in restaurants, tours and activities, golf, spas, and fishing at 50% OFF or 2×1, plus the private transportation you wish for at 30% OFF.

With this deal, you will not only want to use it for getting to the airport to your villa or hotel. For sure, you will arrange your transportation to the family dinner you have planned and the tours you booked. Maybe you feel like venturing out and getting to know Los Cabos surroundings. Some companies offer trips to Todos Santos and La Paz. A must make trips if you have enough time; this is usually a full day trip. If you enjoy food, Todos Santos is a great place to visit. Besides the famous Hotel California, Todos Santos is well known for its fabulous restaurants. In La Paz, you can visit the Whale Museum and walk along the seawall.

When doing our Los Cabos airport shuttle reviews, we found these amazing companies that we know for sure will go over your expectations: Desert Travel Plus,  Trans Dugal, and Cabo Premium Logistics.


  • JHON says:

    Hello, I just found your article really helpful. Where Can I book with these transportation companies?
    A friend of mine told me Uber is now available in cabo, is that right?
    I also found this company Cabo Transportation

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