Los Cabos Nightlife – How to Save Money Doubling the Fun.

Cabo San Lucas is well known for being the place to party. With famous places as El Squid Roe, Mango Deck, and Señor Frogs, the party is never-ending, but with so much to do, what is the best way to manage your vacation budget to enjoy more of Los Cabos Nightlife?

Los Cabos Passport is the answer to that question, and this is how it works. Once you obtain your card, which you may purchase online or conveniently at El Squid Roe, you can receive a 2×1 or 50% OFF in the most prominent business in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. That easy!

Many clubs and bars conveniently offer a 2×1 on your main courses. You can arrive for dinner, and since your card is valid for up to 6 people, you and your friends can prolong your stay and experience their fantastic ambiance and party all night!

Other great places where you can enjoy day and night are Baja Cantina, Cachet Beach Club, Jack’s Steakhouse, and Mercabo.

Another great way to enjoy Los Cabos nightlife is by having your transportation ready for you when you want to go back to your hotel or villa. Forget about looking for a cab at such late hours; arrange your private transportation at 30% Off! Amazing companies as Brown’s Private Services, Trans Dugal, and Cabo Premium Logistics offer a fantastic service whenever you need it.

Start planning your Los Cabos nightlife bucket list and put to good use all the savings you obtained while using your Los Cabos Passport card!

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