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Los Cabos is a great place to enjoy family vacations. Kids have a big imagination and love adventures. As parents, we always want to see them smile and fulfill their wishes. At some point, most of us imagine ourselves sailing past the shoreline on a wooden frigate chasing a treasure of such riches that no one can even imagine. Ahoy! Now it’s time to fulfill that dream in the company of our dear ones!

Raise the anchor, lower the sails, and to your post ‘cuz this adventure is about to begin.

Yo Ho Ho. Pirate Ship Tours in Los Cabos

Cabo Legend is a 100 ft. twin masted wooden brig. She is a mighty ship with plenty o’ deck space to eat, drink and be merry. The Captain’s quarters are off-limits to landlubbers, but the main salon has limited seating for those looking to escape the sun. The deck is where you’ll enjoy the cruise, close to the grog and fancy unnamable drinks. The perfect vessel to keep watch for pirate hunters and enjoy the fresh salty air and warm sun of Los Cabos.

Cabo Legend Breakfast Snorkel Tour

Quest of the Bay Lunch Snorkel

Experience all the best of Cabo on this all-inclusive adventure! Take in the sights, swim with the tropical fish, feast on a delicious lunch, and get a sneak peek of the one-of-a-kind pirate show.

The journey begins with a cruise through the majestic Arch, a world-famous landmark. Next, head to Chileno Bay to snorkel among the most breathtaking sea life. On the way back to the marina, enjoy a delicious lunch, prepared right on board by a first-class chef, and an open bar while you get a sneak peek of our afternoon pirate show.

Cabo Legend Sunset Cruise

Yo Ho Ho Sunset Dinner & Pirate Show

Hear tall tales of Cabo’s pirate history and secrets. Enjoy the wind in your hair and the famous Baja sunsets as you feast on mouthwatering BBQ ribs and chicken prepared with our galley secret pirate recipe, plus wine, beer, and tasty cocktails from the open bar. Anyways, stick to the grog! Chant, dance, and shout with the pirate crew as they show you how to have fun as only pirates can.

Save Half on Your Pirate Tours

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