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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is respected at Los Cabos Passport. We protect it with a passion. Our basic policies and practices are listed below in our Privacy Policy for LosCabosPassport.com

What Type of Personal Information Do We Collect?

Only the information that YOU provide us with. We receive it and store it as you enter it. For example, if you do a search for or purchase a service or product, and you fill in your information like phone number, address, or credit card information. You decide what information to reveal. Some information is necessary for obtaining certain features but the choice is still up to you.What we do with your information is use it to respond to requests, customize your future shopping, the improvement of our website, and to communicate directly with you. Additionally, should you allow it, we will share that information with other companies that may provide you with services that interest you. Please refer to the ‘opt-in/opt-out’ portion of this policy in Section 4.

Cookies – Just as many sites do today, we use cookies. A cookie is a small program that we transfer over to your hard drive. It enables us to instantly recognized you so we can provide you with customized shopping. Those who do not like cookies can easily have them disabled by clicking on the ‘help’ button of their web browser. Just follow the instruction there to accept or prevent cookies. You can also set your browser to alert you whenever a new cookie is received. You might also consider visiting this and other sites anonymously by using the utilities offered by various private companies.

Additional Information – Each PC has its own Internet Protocol (IP) address. The IP address of computers that are used for visiting this website are noted. In addition to the IP address of the computers that visit us, we also collect information like operating systems, browser types, email addresses, and URL addresses from the sites that are clicked to and from our website.

Information Gathered From Other Sources – We may also receive information concerning you from other types of sources. We will add that information to the account information we already have. This information can include updated information regarding delivery and addresses from our shippers. This updated information would then be updated on our already collected information, so your next communication or purchase will always go smoothly.

How Exactly Do We Utilize Your Information?

We Customize Your Shopping – We utilize your information in a way that creates a more customized shopping experience for you. As we already noted, you have the ‘opt-out’ option available at any time.

Agents – We employ individuals and other companies to perform certain functions and tasks on our behalf. This would include things like package deliveries, emails and postal mails, credit card processing, etc. They will have access to whatever personal information will be necessary for them to carry out these functions and tasks, but for no other reasons whatsoever.

Special Offers – At times we might send out a special offers. We only send them if you have not ‘opted-out’ from receiving these offers. We might also send special offers that come from other companies. When we send out offers from other businesses, in no way will we share any of your private personal information with those businesses. Those offers will come direct to you through US. Refer to the ‘opt-in/opt-out’ option stated at the end of this page.

Business Transfers – As our business continues to develop, we may buy or sell assets or stores. When these transactionoccur, customer information is generally one of those transferred business assets. If this company (US), should ever become ‘acquired’ by an outside source, then customer information is again one of those transferred assets.

Law Enforcement – There are certain times when a business may receive a court order stating they have to release personal or account information. If this happens, then we will remain compliant with the law and release the requested information.

Life and Safety – Whenever it becomes necessary to release information for the protection of life, property, or the safety of others, we will do so. That includes the exchanging of information between us and other companies/organizations for the purpose of reducing credit risk and raising fraud protection.

How Do We Handle The Protection and Security of Your Personal Information?

We work diligently to protect your information by using the latest in security technologies. During transmission of your information we use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) software that will encrypt whatever information you put in.

Encryption – We utilize encryption for protecting your personal information that we store in our customer database.

Firewall – We always use a firewall as a protection against any unlawful intrusions.

Limited Access – We limit the access to your personal information by operating on a definite ‘need to know’ policy.

Credit Card Numbers – We only reveal the last 4 digits of credit card numbers when we confirm an order. Naturally we will transmit that entire number to your credit card company during the order process.

Your Password – It is vitally important they you help us protect your information against unauthorized access by changing your password regularly. Make sure that you are signed off whenever you finish using any shared computer.

100% Secure – No one system can absolutely guarantee you 100% security, any more than the finest lock is a guarantee of physical security. However, we passionately take all reasonable precautions to ensure that your date stays secure.

Opt-in/Out – You make the final choice of opting to receive emails and special offers from us as well as others or not. This following section will provide you with the choice. Take note of our default settings:

  • Please send emails and/or other mail alerting me to special offers regarding YOUR products or services.
  • Please DO NOT send emails and/or other mail alerting me to special offers regarding YOUR products or services.
  • Please send me emails and/or other mail alerting me to special offers regarding related services or products from OTHER COMPANIES.
  • Please DO NOT send me emails and/or other mail alerting me to special offers regarding related services or products from OTHER COMPANIES.

Contact Us – To get more information concerning our privacy policy, or to access your own personally identifiable information being stored on our website, call us at +52 624 191-2709.