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Calle Miguel Hidalgo
Cabo San Lucas, BCS.

Phone Number

+52 624 143-1619

Los Barriles Restaurant & Bar in Cabo San Lucas is a delightful spot that offers a rich tapestry of flavors and experiences set against the bustling backdrop of the city’s marina. This establishment serves as a beacon of Mexican cuisine, drawing locals and tourists to enjoy its offerings. With a menu that boasts an array of Mexican and international dishes, including an emphasis on seafood and flambé, it caters to various palates and dietary needs, with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options available.

The culinary journey at Los Barriles is complemented by its strategic location. Positioned in the heart of Cabo San Lucas downtown, it sits near the famous Amelia Wilkes Square and behind the central boulevard, offering a view that is as appetizing as the food. Its proximity to the Iglesia de San Lucas makes it a convenient and enticing stop for those exploring the city’s sights.

The restaurant is known for its inviting and family-friendly atmosphere, with a setting that merges elegance with the warmth of Mexican hospitality. Guests can enjoy their meals in a pleasant environment, dining in the tastefully decorated indoor space or on the terrace that captures the essence of Cabo’s lively marina life.

Los Barriles Restaurant & Bar honors the rich tapestry of Mexican gastronomy with specialties that encapsulate the country’s culinary spirit. The chefs here are devoted to curating a menu that resonates with the depth and variety of Mexican cuisine, focusing on the authentic flavors and traditional cooking techniques passed down through generations. The restaurant takes pride in offering a selection of dishes deeply rooted in Mexican culture, ensuring an authentic dining experience for all who visit.

Los Barriles has made a mark not just with its food but also with the quality of service it provides. The restaurant’s features enhance the dining experience further. The venue is wheelchair accessible and equipped with highchairs, ensuring comfort for all guests. Additionally, it accommodates patrons looking for entertainment with live music. For those who wish to stay connected, free Wi-Fi is provided. A full bar serves a range of alcoholic beverages, and for convenience, credit cards are accepted.

In summary, Los Barriles Restaurant & Bar is a culinary destination that captures the spirit of Cabo San Lucas. It invites guests to indulge in a diverse menu that highlights the best of Mexican culinary artistry. With its exceptional service, vibrant atmosphere, and location that places diners in the heart of the city’s marina, Los Barriles is more than just a meal—it’s a full sensory encounter with the local culture and cuisine.

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