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Playa Medano, El Medano Ejidal, 23453
Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S.

Phone Number

+52 624 130-1188

Milky Beach in Cabo San Lucas is a serene destination for those looking to savor the coastal charm of Mexico’s Baja region. Situated on the sands of Playa El Medano, this venue is not just a restaurant; it’s an experience that harmoniously blends fine dining with the relaxed ambiance of a beachside retreat​.

As you immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Milky Beach, you’ll find that it offers a comprehensive culinary journey with a menu that spans from early breakfast to late-night treats. This gastronomic adventure encompasses a variety of seafood delicacies that celebrate the local catch, traditional Mexican fare, and a selection of dishes perfect for any meal of the day. Whether starting your morning with a seaside brunch or capping off your day with a dinner under the stars, Milky Beach caters to every dining whim with grace and flavor​.

The art of mixology is also at the heart of Milky Beach, where the drink offerings are crafted to complement the taste of the sea. The bar serves up a creative array of cocktails that are as much a feast for the eyes as for the palate. Here, the spirit of Cabo San Lucas is captured in every glass, with mixologists skilled in blending the perfect balance of ingredients to enhance your dining experience.

Milky Beach’s design aesthetic is a thoughtful ode to beach life, creating an environment that is both stylish and comfortable. With the gentle sounds of the waves as your backdrop, this venue provides an idyllic setting for relaxation and socializing. The ambiance is one of understated elegance, where the natural beauty of the location is allowed to speak for itself, enhanced by the casual yet refined decor.

The service at Milky Beach mirrors the environment it resides in—attentive, warm, and unobtrusive. The staff are ambassadors of the relaxed spirit of Cabo, ensuring that your time spent here is as carefree as it is memorable. They are dedicated to providing an experience that not only satisfies the appetite but also nourishes the soul.

With a reputation for excellence, Milky Beach is a beloved spot among locals and travelers. It’s a place where the joy of a meal is amplified by the panoramic vistas and the soothing ambiance of the shore​.

In summary, Milky Beach offers a unique blend of culinary delight, picturesque scenery, and impeccable service. It stands as a testament to the allure of Cabo San Lucas. At this destination, the splendor of the beach is only matched by the quality of the food and the warmth of the hospitality. It’s a place where every visit promises to be an escape to a world of seaside splendor and gastronomic pleasure.