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Marina Golden Zone, Muelle / Dock A – 1,
El Medano, 23450 Cabo San Lucas, BCS

Phone Number

+52 624 145-6011

Presto restaurant is a beacon of Italian gastronomy in the heart of the bustling Marina Golden Zone of Cabo San Lucas. This quaint eatery is a treasure trove of authentic flavors, offering an al fresco dining experience with a stunning view of the marina, a delightful spot for both people and yacht-watching​.

Your arrival at Presto introduces you to a world where culinary passion is the order of the day. The menu is a testament to the restaurant’s dedication to creating unforgettable dishes that tantalize your taste buds. As you peruse the selection, you’ll find each item is designed to satisfy hunger and stir the soul with Italian classics.

The ambiance of Presto complements its culinary offerings. The outdoor setting immerses you in the vibrant life of Cabo San Lucas, with the gentle lapping of the water and the soft chatter of fellow diners adding to the atmosphere. This is where time slows down, allowing you to savor every moment, every bite, and every sip.

As you settle in, the capable hands of Presto’s bartenders prepare to serve you their signature cocktails that are as refreshing as they are inventive. The selection of wines is equally impressive, curated to complement the robust flavors of the Italian fare. From velvety reds to crisp whites, each glass promises to elevate your dining experience, marrying the flavors of the food with the perfect wine counterpart.

The heart of Presto’s menu lies in its expertly crafted pizzas and pasta, each dish a canvas for fresh ingredients and bold flavors. The pizzas boast a thin, crisp crust topped with a harmonious blend of cheeses, sauce, and toppings, all baked to perfection. The pasta, each strand or shape perfectly cooked, serves as a vehicle for rich sauces and fresh, local seafood or produce, highlighting the simplicity and elegance of Italian cooking.

Salads offer a lighter fare, with a blend of fresh greens, ripe vegetables, and zesty dressings, providing a refreshing interlude to the more decadent dishes. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic Caprese or something uniquely crafted by the chefs at Presto, the salads are sure to please.

Presto is more than a restaurant; it’s a culinary journey, a place where every dish is crafted with care and every ingredient tells a story. It’s a venue where the food is the star, the drinks are the perfect supporting cast, and the atmosphere is the stage on which an unforgettable dining experience unfolds.

As you leave Presto, the flavors of Italy linger on your palate, a reminder of a meal that was both a discovery and a homecoming. In this cozy corner of Cabo San Lucas, you’ve not only found a place that serves food but one that creates memories, inviting you back time and time again to indulge in the art of Italian dining by the sea.

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