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What’s Like to Zipline in Los Cabos?

Ziplining in Los Cabos is a fun activity that can be done with children over 8 years, perfect for a family outing. You will be flying across two high points on a steel cable holding a pulley and strapped on a harness, a helmet, and more safety gear. This simple, yet fun and safe activity is thrilling and adrenaline-filled due to the speed you reach when ziplining down across canyons.

Canopy Costa Azul Ziplines

Canopy Costa Azul Zipline Tour

Located in San Jose del Cabo outskirts, Canopy Costa Azul you will find a unique tour where you will rappel and walk through suspension bridges between ziplines.

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Wild Canyon Ziplines


Wild Canyon Monster Ziplines

Wild Canyon Adventures is located 20 minutes from San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, in El Tule Canyon. This thrilling theme park offers an 8-line zipline course that crosses a white-marble wall above an oasis. You will be flying at 300 ft. high! If that’s not exciting enough, the largest line is over 800 meters long! A must-do in your next Los Cabos trip.

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