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Boulevard Paseo de la Marina Lt 7-A, Marina,
23410 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S.

Phone Number

+52 624 173-9500 ext 3

Get ready for the flight of your life! Feel the adrenaline rush at the specially designed skydiving tunnel  located in Cabo San Lucas, in the Marina downtown, in a safe and fun environment. Experience the thrill of skydiving without having to jump off from an airplane. Feel the total freedom and weightlessness of a free fall as you safely float on a bed of air. There are no parachutes, no jumping, and nothing attaching you to the ground. It is a flying experience like skydiving, but without having to jump out of an aircraft and each flight is the equivalent of 2 skydives, so get ready to feel those goosebumps. From experienced flyers to first-timers, the trained instructors will help and show you how to fly as you master this new ability. They want everyone to experience the feeling of indoor skydiving! Gear up for an adrenaline pumping experience the whole family can enjoy. Cabo San Lucas´ one and only vertical wind tunnel experience located in the great outdoors! If you would like to know the available times for this activity, you should contact their reservations call center directly. It is recommended to wear non-slippery, close-toe tennis shoes and comfortable clothes. Do not miss the opportunity of experience the flight of your life.