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You are probably looking for ways to save money during your Los Cabos vacations with your family or friends. The use of the Los Cabos Passport card in Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo in restaurants, activities, and other businesses has been used for a while now since having a Los Cabos Passport card is the best way to get exclusive deals more easily. 

The Los Cabos Passport card has been created to help you save half on your entire vacation. With your card, you get 50% off and 2×1 offers with the most popular businesses in Cabo! No more dealing with coupons; just show your card at restaurants and mention it when booking tours, visiting a restaurant, activities, fishing trips, spa appointments, catering services, and private transportation. The list of participating businesses grows and changes frequently. 

You can purchase our Los Cabos Passport discount before your arrival to Los Cabos through our website, and you can obtain it the following ways:

*You may pick it up at the Hard Rock Café gift shop.

*Hand Delivery once you arrive in Cabo (a small fee applies). We will contact you by phone or email to arrange the delivery at your convenience (it may be arranged before you arrive in Los Cabos).

*By email to USA and Canada (shipping charge applies).

Savings and fun are totally waiting for you during your vacation!

Very Important 

 Please do not share your card with other people. One card covers up to six people that are in your group. The merchant has the right to check that the ID matches the name and the signature on the back of the card, and they have a right to retain the card if it doesn’t match the ID and not honor the offer.

How to use the Los Cabos Passport card?

Before using your card, you must print your name, sign the back of it, and activate it on our website.


You MUST present your card before ordering; if you present your card at the very end, the merchant has the right not to honor the discount.

Please be aware that every restaurant has a minimum drink/beverage purchase of $50 to 100 pesos per person. The minimum consumption is mandatory and will be added to the bill to make the offer valid. Please check the offer to know what the minimum consumption is and if there are any exclusions.

Activities, Fishing, and Services

To make your reservations, you MUST call the merchant directly; you can not do it online because most merchants are not set up that way with us. The phone number you need to call is located on our website, where the offer is.