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Boulevard Paseo de la Marina Lt 7-A, Marina,
23410 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S.

Phone Number

+52 624 173-9500 ext 3

Embark on a memorable full-day Cabo snorkeling excursion to explore the stunning Sea of Cortez, starting with a convenient hotel pick-up in an air-conditioned van leading you to Pichilingue Marina in La Paz. The journey to Espiritu Santo Island begins aboard a luxury catamaran, setting the stage with a scenic cruise accompanied by a light breakfast.

Upon reaching your destination, the tour provides all the necessary snorkeling gear for an immersive experience in the Sea of Cortez’s rich marine life, including a unique opportunity to swim among a sea lion colony. The adventure continues as you explore more of the Bay, offering additional swimming and snorkeling opportunities while the crew prepares a sumptuous deli-style buffet lunch. The day concludes with a return trip to the marina and a comfortable drive back to your hotel.

This tour is celebrated for its balanced mix of relaxation, exquisite dining, vibrant wildlife encounters, and plenty of sun. From the onset, guests are treated to luxury and comfort, with meals and an open bar post-snorkeling, complemented by the support of experienced, bilingual guides to enhance the snorkeling experience.

Highlights of the excursion include the luxury catamaran cruise, breathtaking views of the Sea of Cortez beaches and marine wildlife, and snorkeling in the “Aquarium of the World,” as Jacques Cousteau famously described the Sea of Cortez. This World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve is renowned for its unique and abundant marine life, offering participants an unparalleled snorkeling adventure.

Participants will engage in an Ocean Safari, promising close encounters with dolphins, exotic fish, sea lions, manta rays, and even whales. The tour showcases the Sea of Cortez’s aquatic wonders and provides a scenic land journey from Cabo to La Paz, offering an intimate look at Baja California Sur’s landscapes.

The Sea of Cortez snorkeling tour at Cabo Adventures stands out as a comprehensive and enriching experience, combining adventure, wildlife exploration, and relaxation. Guests are invited to revel in the natural beauty, swim and snorkel in a breathtaking marine sanctuary, and create lasting memories amidst the extraordinary backdrop of Cabo’s aquatic and terrestrial wonders.