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Muelle del Cabo 0, Marina, 23450
Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S.

Phone Number

+52 624 105-0177

Embark on an adventure with the “Thar She Blows!” tour aboard the Cabo Legend, a journey that marries the thrill of whale watching with the allure of pirate lore. Wild Cabo Tours presents this unique experience on a 100-foot twin-masted brig, the Cabo Legend, designed to transport you back to the age of pirates while providing modern comforts and an unforgettable experience of observing the ocean’s gentle giants.

Cabo Legend, part of Wild Cabo Tours, stands out with its dedication to creating memorable sea adventures. With its spacious deck and pirate-themed ambiance, this wooden sailing ship invites you aboard for a journey through the waters around Cabo San Lucas, a location known for its stunning marine life and historical pirate tales​.

As you set sail, imagine the early pirates navigating the Baja peninsula, the essence of this tour. You’ll learn about the whales’ lifestyles and habits, witnessing them play, jump, and glide near the boat. It’s a unique blend of education and entertainment, offering insights into marine biology and the history of piracy in the region. The crew’s hands-on activities and engaging stories ensure a fun and enlightening experience for all who step aboard​.

The tour is designed for adventurers of all ages, especially those curious about the natural world and who love stories of high-seas adventures. Whether you are a family looking for an engaging educational experience, a couple seeking a unique adventure, or a solo traveler eager to dive into the heart of Cabo’s maritime history, “Thar She Blows!” offers something special for everyone.

Highlights of the tour include unparalleled views of majestic whales in their natural habitat, from the spacious deck of a pirate ship, no less, and the chance to learn about the rich history of the Baja region and its pirate past. The excellent ambiance and interactive activities with the crew add an extra layer of enjoyment to your adventure​.

In summary, the “Thar She Blows!” tour aboard the Cabo Legend is not just a whale-watching experience; it’s a journey through time. You’re not just looking for whales; you’re tracing the routes of early pirates while enjoying the comforts and excitement of a ship designed for adventure. Set sail with Wild Cabo Tours and create memories that will last a lifetime, filled with tales of the sea, sightings of its most magnificent inhabitants, and the thrill of pirate lore​​​​​.

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