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Marina Golden Zone Muelle / Dock A – 2,
El Medano, 23450 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S

Phone Number

+52 624 145-6011

Jack’s Steakhouse, situated in the heart of Cabo San Lucas right at the Marina downtown, is a captivating pirate-themed restaurant known for its warm atmosphere and exceptional service. If you’re seeking the perfect steak combined with a unique dining experience, this is the place to be. Jack’s Steakhouse boasts a menu that features a wide array of options, with over 30 combinations and plates to choose from. From mouthwatering appetizers to delectable sides, they even have a kids’ menu, ensuring there’s something for everyone. The show’s star, however, is their outstanding selection of steaks. Whether you prefer your steak a certain way, Jack’s Steakhouse has the expertise and options to satisfy your craving.

Located in the “Marina Golden Zone,” Jack’s Steakhouse is recognized for its high-quality services and fresh food. This makes it a fantastic choice for those looking to enjoy a memorable dining experience. As you step inside the restaurant, you’ll immediately be transported into a swashbuckling adventure. Pirate statues, rope rigging, and ship-like decor create an ambiance that feels straight out of a pirate movie. If you’re searching for an exciting and unique culinary journey, Jack’s Steakhouse offers just that.

The restaurant provides both indoor and outdoor seating. The indoor area is air-conditioned, a welcome escape from the Cabo sun, and is adorned with ship models, swords, skulls, and a captivating mermaid figurehead hanging from the artistically hand-painted ceiling. The ceiling depicts the missions of Baja, complete with a treasure map reminiscent of the pirates who once frequented Cabo San Lucas. It’s a piece of history that may not be widely known but adds an intriguing layer to your dining experience. To enhance the pirate theme, the wait staff don pirate regalia, making for a perfect photo opportunity for you and your dining companions.

One of the advantages of dining at Jack’s Steakhouse is its proximity to many hotels in the area. After a day of activities and adventures, you can conveniently walk for a fantastic meal. The service at Jack’s Steakhouse consistently goes above and beyond, ensuring that your dining experience is enjoyable and memorable. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind pirate-themed dining adventure combined with great food and impeccable service, Jack’s Steakhouse is the place to be. Don’t miss the opportunity to savor a truly unique experience during your visit to Cabo San Lucas.