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Donut Shop


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16 de Septiembre,
Cabo San Lucas,
BCS 23450

Phone Number

+52 624 130-8000

Local Donut in Cabo San Lucas is a culinary gem for those with a sweet tooth, offering a cozy retreat where the humble Donut is transformed into a gourmet experience. Founded in 2020, this establishment was born out of a passion for creating authentic, fluffy, American-style donuts that locals and visitors of Cabo had long been yearning for. The donut shop has quickly become renowned for its handcrafted treats. It has become a must-visit spot for anyone looking to indulge in a delectable baked good.

The shop’s atmosphere is as inviting as its menu, with its downtown location providing ample seating and a comforting air-conditioned space during those warm Cabo days. The unique outdoor patio surrounded by palm trees offers a tranquil space to enjoy your treats. For those looking for a venue for social gatherings, the second floor serves as an ideal spot for donut decorating parties, networking events, or business meetings. There’s also a new location in the food court at Plaza San Lucas, perfect for a quick stop to satiate your Donut desires.

Local Donut’s menu is a homage to classic donut shop fare with a twist, featuring an array of classic raised donuts, twists, bars, and cinnamon rolls. They’re constantly innovating with new flavors, ensuring there’s something new to try with every visit.

Not just content with serving up delicious baked goods, Local Donut also places a strong emphasis on community and service. The staff is known for their knowledgeable and enjoyable service, contributing to the shop’s reputation for excellent customer care.

The donut shop’s two locations in Cabo San Lucas make it easily accessible to locals and tourists. The downtown shop is just steps away from the marina, making it an easy stop during a day of sightseeing or boating. The Plaza San Lucas location is next to Koi Sushi, offering a diverse dining experience in the food court setting at the well-known Walmart mall. Both locations are open daily, inviting early risers to grab the freshest selections.

Local Donut is more than just a bakery; it’s a haven for those looking to enjoy high-quality, handcrafted donuts in a friendly and inviting atmosphere. With its combination of delectable sweets, savory sandwiches, and robust coffee offerings, it provides a comprehensive culinary experience. Whether you’re a Cabo resident or just visiting, a stop at Local Donut offers the perfect blend of local charm and delicious flavors, ensuring that each visit is as memorable as it is satisfying.