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What To Expect

We know we all are jumping with excitement to jump into the water with one of the most fierce predators on Earth but hold your horses! Croc Experience offers an unforgettable experience that is fun, safe, and great for families with children of all ages.


Croc Experience

You will dive into the crocodiles’ pool inside a fully-transparent safety cage. You’ll be within inches of giant 5-meter crocodiles in their own environment.

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Wildlife Interaction

With the help of trained personnel, you will have the opportunity to interact with a Kinkajou. Feeding, caressing, taking photographs, and more importantly, learning about the appropriate treatment for the care and protection of this beautiful species.

For all of Sabu Mafu fans of all ages, this is what you have been dreaming of all your life. You will have the opportunity to bond with a lemur! It’s fascinating to observe the majesty of this primate, from its color to its unmatched form and attitude. It is important to mention that these lemurs were rescued.

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