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What to expect when swimming with dolphins

Swimming with dolphins in Los Cabos is a must for your next trip. This exciting activity is great for kids, adults, and basically everyone. It is also definitely a memorable experience that will last for a lifetime. We’ve got some tips and advice so you can have a fun and exciting experience.

Obtain your Los Cabos Passport Card

This is a no-brainer. With your card, you will obtain great discounts on most tours and activities in Los Cabos, particularly a 2×1 on Dolphin Discovery.

Dolphin Discovery


Swimming with dolphins in Los Cabos is a safe experience in general, but we need to keep in mind that humans and animals need to be safe. Remember to use biodegradable sunscreen and wear it for at least one hour before going in the water to allow your skin to absorb it. Don’t wear any accessories or jewelry since dolphins are playful creatures.


Dolphin Discovery is located at the San Jose del Cabo Marina and features a seawater division that connects to the ocean. You won’t be swimming with dolphins in tanks but ocean water.

Family fun

Dolphin Discovery offers educational and fun experiences perfect for small children. This is an experience great to do with the whole family!

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