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The Best Spas in Cabo San Lucas

A long flight or hot drive into Mexico might have left you feeling stressed. Later, after a day of sporting activity or fun in the sun in Cabos San Lucas, you’re sore and tired, not used to the rigors of seaside sport and the hot sun. You might not be sleeping enough thanks to the all-night dancing and partying since the first day of your holiday. Vacations can be hard work, and you need a massage at one of the best spas in Cabo San Lucas.

Los Cabos Spas for Less

If you’re going to visit a spa anyway, take advantage of self-care at a lower cost: half-price on selected treatments! There are three spas in Cabo San Lucas on the Passport Card list: Senza, Saltwater, and Sparitual. All three of them offer massage and other great services. Save a full fifty percent when you book a spa treatment during your Cabos San Lucas vacation.


Massage Styles at Los Cabos Spas

You are probably familiar with some types of massage, the more common ones such as sports massage, Swedish, Aromatherapy, and Thai. But have you ever tried a chocolate or Tequila massage instead or perhaps the Warm Rain Ritual? This last one incorporates hot stones, hot water, and essential oils. It’s part of the unique, holistic line of offerings at Sparitual Spa that you surely wouldn’t want to miss.

Other Opportunities at Los Cabos Spas

Men and women are equally welcome to enjoy a facial at Senza. Their treatments are designed to moisturize and cleanse your skin. One of their many types of the whole body wraps will leave skin feeling nourished, detoxified, rejuvenated, and younger-looking. A Flowers or Angle Foam Wrap is available at half price.

Self-Care Average Savings

At Los Cabos Spas, the average price for an 80-minute massage is around $200. If you use the Passport card, your treatment will only cost $100, or you can opt to go with a friend. Imagine what you could do with an extra $100 when you are on holiday: that’s the equivalent of at least two dinners for two people or more with the Passport card. Don’t let financial worries stop you from enjoying services at one of the spas in Cabo San Lucas.

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