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Los Cabos Airport – Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo?

By now, most likely you have decided for Los Cabos as your vacation destination. Now comes the fun, buying your plane tickets! But before you proceed, there are a couple of things you must know about Los Cabos airport and the destination in general.

Los Cabos as a Destination

Some say this is common knowledge, but many people still get confused, so it is essential to make the statement. Los Cabos municipality in Baja California Sur, Mexico is made up by two cities: San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. San Jose del Cabo is on the side of the Sea of Cortez, while Cabo San Lucas is on the Pacific side.

Where Is Los Cabos Airport?

You can find the international airport in San Jose del Cabo; while there is another smaller airport in Cabo San Lucas, it’s used for private flights and other short commercial flights. It is safe to assume that you will be flying from your closest airport to Los Cabos International Airport (SJD) in San Jose del Cabo instead of Cabo San Lucas Airport (CSL). When purchasing your tickets, always look at the airport codes to be sure.

Los Cabos Airport Pro Tips:

Sometimes getting a free cab or finding your way to your hotel or private villa can be overwhelming. Hire private transportation services and arrive with the confidence that a knowledgeable driver will be on time to get you anywhere, be it from San Jose del Cabo airport or Cabo San Lucas airport. Use your Los Cabos Passport card to obtain 30% OFF in Private Transportation Services.


  • Michelle says:

    Hi……. Could you please tell where I can find a complete list of the places where I can use this cars?

    • Osmar Fraga says:

      On our menu, under services, you can find transportation services. You may call them and quote their services. This is private transportation, not car rental; the services come with a driver, which may be per trip or by the hour.

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