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The Best Restaurants in Cabo San Lucas

The restaurant scene in Mexico’s busiest tourist district is brimming with tasty opportunities, from high-end to affordable places for you to eat with friends and family. Using the Los Cabos Passport Card, you’ll get even more out of your experience at restaurants in Cabo San Lucas.

Many of the eateries located here serve Mexican, International, Mediterranean, and many other food styles. Menus boast subheadings such as Tapas, Antipastos, Focaccia, and Panini: names that make mouths water for authentic Mediterranean fare. There are also restaurants in Los Cabos where menus are written in English but where the food is inspired by worldwide cuisine, but Latin languages and cooking are dominant.

Passport to Culinary Joy

A Los Cabos Passport card provides you with special deals and encourages more frequent dinners out. Try foods you have never sampled before and enjoy having the means of making the night’s budget spread to cocktails and dessert. Deals sometimes promote coffee, beer, and other drinks, but the food is the main attraction. This Passport provides a two-for-one deal or 50% OFF at each of the many participating bistros, cafes, and restaurants in Cabos San Lucas. A great suggestion is Invita Bistro.


Trip Advisor’s number one restaurant in Los Cabos. You will find this Mediterranean bistro situated right in the center of downtown, close to the marina and hotels. Their menu includes Antipastos, Sopas, and Pasta. Savor menu items such as Chicken Breast with Serrano Ham and Cheese, Beef Medallions with Ham and Parmesan, or Grilled Shrimp with Zucchini, Cherry Tomatoes, and wine from their extensive menu. The Passport card allows you to buy one, get one free main course during dinner time.

Restaurants in Cabo San Lucas



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