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The Authentic Flavors of Los Cabos Mexican Restaurants

You’re in Los Cabos to enjoy the local culture, which includes cuisine, but this isn’t the Mexican food from diners north of the border. Forget what you think you know: an authentic Los Cabos Mexican restaurant menu looks very different from the dishes in the US.

An explosion of flavors at Los Cabos Mexican Grills.

Many plates featured at local Mexican eateries feature colorful vegetables, light on oil, and amazing salsas and sauces. Los Cabos Mexican grills are set apart by its healthy but filling fares.

Culinary artists in Los Cabos Mexican restaurants do not dump food on your plate: the plate is a canvas, and the meal is their paint. Many images featured on social media from these places will make you wonder if you wound up in a cosmopolitan city or a chef’s master class.

Los Cabos Mexican Food

On the Menu at a Los Cabos Mexican Restaurants

Menus might be written in Spanish, but even Americans and Europeans familiar with certain staple dishes will get the gist. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served, and Cuervo’s House even caters to children. Tacos are filled with different ingredients such as fish and beef but usually contain lots of vegetables. Try Ceviche with seafood, Tortilla Soup, or Carne Cuervo. This last spicy dish, made with pulled pork, from a favorite Los Cabos restaurant known as Cuervo’s House.

Wake up to healthy burritos at Aleta,¬†where they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. End the day with the best Dessert: Flan de Yogurt con Fruta (Yogurt Flan with fruits) or Cinnamon Mousse with Chocolate Cookies. It’s only natural that you might expect meat from any of Los Cabos Mexican restaurants, and there’s plenty of that, but someone’s got to look after your sweet tooth.

Even if prices are reasonable, visiting every Los Cabos Restaurant during your stay could be out of your price range if it was not for the Los Cabos Passport card. Use this card to enjoy a special deal on your meal; you can get 2×1 in your main courses.

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